After Landing Services

Soko Immigration Consulting Service is proud to add after-landing assistance to our comprehensive service package. It is our firm belief that the migration process does not end with arrival at the point of destination.

Therefore, in addition to assistance during the application process, we provide extensive help to all those who manage to legally immigrate into Canada. Visaed applicants are met at the airport upon arrival. From then on, our associates in Canada strive to provide any counselling and assistance required during the initial period of establishment. This includes guidance sessions, a search for suitable accommodation, orientation tours, help with budget planning and expense management. Those who do not speak English fluently will benefit from communication and interpreting services. Our associates will also aid clients to obtain the necessary documents, such as health and social insurance cards, driver’s licenses, etc. In some cases, we have been able to offer assistance in finding employment.

We understand that the initial period in a new country may be hard for some. In order that new immigrants do not feel that they are left alone, our after-landing services make your transition period easier. Only after our clients have managed to settle down and make Canada their new home do we feel that our task is successfully completed.

Your First Two Weeks in Canada